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100% income per annum, security and reliability, anonymity of transactions.

SelenCoin (SEL) is the cryptocurrency, designed to assist the development of small businesses.
No special equipment or a powerful video card is required to create new coins (mining in the pools).
Coin functions on the Prof-Of-Stake algorithm - the more coins are on the balance of your wallet, the faster new coins would mined.

Your wallet is your bank and 100% per annum!
All you need to mine is just keep the wallet running on your computer and have a positive balance on it. These two conditions will provide you with 100% income per annum in the coin’s nominal. Money is entirely at your disposal and available for use anytime you wish!

Safety, reliability, anonymity.
The source code of the wallet is opened for developers and enthusiasts interested in the promotion of the coin, and the network is completely decentralized. That means that any person has access to the full source code of the wallet at any time. Thus, any developer in the world can verify how the wallet works. Any person can track the path of any transaction or a coin in circulation from the moment of its issue in current period of time. However, all the wallets are identified only by numbers without binding to the owner's personality. All payments are made directly between users without any bank or any company involvement. The whole system is protected by reliable and well-tried cryptographic algorithms similar to those used in online banking. No organization or individual can practice single-handed control on the payments, so the network remains secure, even in the case of unfair participants intervene.
It is virtually impossible to hack the wallet, especially if it is protected with a good password. A strong password set on the wallet lets you “wear” all your funds on the flash drive without fear anybody could use them, even if a USB flash drive is stolen.