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Online wallet: SelenTrade service portal - https://www.for-biz.com

Wallet installation

To see the source code of the wallet, follow the link https://github.com/SelenCoin/selencoin

Windows: download and install the wallet at the link https://github.com/SelenCoin/selencoin/releases/download/

Linux: follow the instructions at https://github.com/SelenCoin/selencoin/blob/master/doc/build_unix.md

Bootstrap.dat: http://selencoin.for-biz.com/bootstrat.dat.gz

Useful hints

1. After installing and running the wallet, make sure of its synchronization before starting to carry out any operation.
2. After the wallet synchronization, set a strong password on the wallet, so that nobody except you could use your funds. To do this, enter the menu "Settings -> Encrypt wallet".
3. Periodically back up your wallet from the menu "File -> Make a backup copy".
4. The copy of the wallet encrypted according to step 2, can be easily stored anywhere.
5. Do not save password of your wallet in notebooks and files, invent a password that you will not forget.